back from Abu Dhabi

2010-05-25 20:44:11 by MPoulter

Not that I imagine anyone would read this, but I just got back from vacation in the middle east, between spending a week there and finals at the end of the semester, plus an art contest i didn't win, I've been pretty busy. In fact, I'd say its been a moth since I posted anything here. Hopefully now that I find myself with slightely more time that will change. Its worth nothing that while I was gone I was prined (I think cuz the person who scouted me was pruned) and then couted by three people. I'm glad I was instantly rescouted because honestly I'm not sure if I could go through trying to get my stuff seen in the forum again. Oh well all worked out I guess. I don't have anything in mind for what I'll work on next, but I'm definetly going to draw again soon, and of course I need to get back to working on my animation which I defintely don't want to drag out. Its not going to be anything all that impressive so I want to get what experience I can out of it and move on to better planned projects. Thats all for now.
One of my entries for the art contest I lost (it was to design a bday card for my school whose mascot is a mule. haha)

back from Abu Dhabi

Upload issues

2010-04-20 20:54:27 by MPoulter

So I just tried to edit one o f the pictures i submitted. It wouldn't let me do it, saying "picture hads already been uploaded, so I deleted the original copy to make it work and now it won't let me upload either. WTF


2010-04-19 22:22:38 by MPoulter

Well, I think I'm finally running out of steam on this drawing thing. After getting flash, I've been turning out a lot of pictures in a very short amount of time. Feedback has been sporadic and I think I can sum up the overall consensus as "meh". Finals are fat approaching, and i have a lot of things on my plate right now: papers, exams, and a contest to design a birthday card of all things. After school gets out, I'm travelling to Abu Dhabi for a week to roast to death in 130 degree weather. Basically, I'm not going to be posting anything for a while. Maybe once I get back from vacation, but honestly, I'll be running two jobs, working on an animation, writing, and who knows what else. This past month has been a productive time for me art wise. For anyone who gave me positive feedback, a good review, or any form of encouragement, I thank you

random stuff

2010-04-14 08:54:45 by MPoulter

So I recently uploaded my work onto, which seems like a pretty cool site. If you get tired of commenting on my stuff here on newgrounds feel free to check it out (There's a link on my profile page under website). An added benfit of the site is that now all of my artwork is for sale either as aprint or in t shirt, mug, key chain, etc form, which is pretty cool. I'm not ceonceited eniught to believe that anybody would actually buy anything I've done, but its still cool that its an option, and really some of them wouldn't make bad shirts. I mostly put it up for sale because it increases web trafiic to my portfolio, and the more people that see it the better. Plus, it would really be nice if I made money off of some of the stuff I do. A guy can dream, right? Does this make me a sell out? Only if somebody buys something!

In more interesting "news", I've actually started to get some positive feedback on some of my work, a small amount of people hve even put my stuff in their favorite art category which really means a lot to me. The positive feedback I have recieved here as well as on my other website, has certainly been nice, and it has even motivated me to keep drawing. Not that I would ever stop, but since I got flash, I've been turning out about a picture a week, which is hard work and very time consuming. I feel though, that if I keep up this pace, assuming my quality doesn't drop, that I might actually build up soem momentum. People may actually start to look and comment on my work, and that's all I'm really looking for.

I suppose I haven't mentioned it here yet, but I am currently working on a flah animation. Its my first time animating, so don't expect great things. I hope to have about five minutes of more of decent and watchable animation done some time over the summer though. Its hard work, and I run into a problem every two seconds, but I'm slowly working my way through, and I hope that the finished project will be entertaining despite any small flaws that will no doubt be present.
I guess that's all I have to say. For anyone who's left positive feedback on anything I've submitted up to this point, I thank you. It means a lot.


2010-04-08 23:35:31 by MPoulter

So I've noticed based on my limited time here that people only ever seem to vote the highest or lowest score possible. This of course renders the entire spectrum of scores negligible, reducing the highly sophisticated review and scoring system to a pass or fail type system. I suppose it makes sense. People have very little reason to vote on something that they are neutral to, and will only really reply to something that they love or hate, but still its an observation. Some anonymous child continues to vote zero on all of my pieces. I have two theories to this. Either they have a lot of free time and do this to many profiles or they are angry that I gave a bad review to the recenly front paged Tails Getting Raped Picture( For the record. I gave the piece a three-which is generous in my opinion, and I stand by all that I said about it. I'd link it, but I don't really know how. haha). Clearly, I don't count the person in high esteem either way, and simply hope they will grow tired of or forget about this practice soon. Its not that I necessarily care, but when you spend as much time as I do on art pieces its rather annoying to have some anonymous person give it a zero, without even considering for a moment the value of the art. I suppose that's the point thouhg, to mildly annoy me. The problem with the internet, as I've said before, is that it gives every person a voice and venue. Clearly, the average internet user is undeserving of this right. Far too many people are violent, racist, hateful, or just plain stupid, but that's democracy I guess. If I want a voice, i have to share the airwaves with a couple hundred thousand prepubescent, classless anime fanboys. Such is life.
On a cheerier note with the exception of a single individual, I have recieved good feedback on my art. Either that or no feed back at all, which isn't necessarily bad. So, I guess I'll just keep on drawing.

New to Newgrounds

2010-04-07 17:03:14 by MPoulter

So I just made an account here, and overall it seems like a good decision. I've gotten some good feedback on my art, and a place to post my art which is nice. Although my work really hasn't been viewed, it looks like someone went around and voted zero on all four of my pieces which is strange. Oh well, I certainly don't take it personally, and if someone feels cool doing it, then more power to them. I've been working every now and then on a flash animation; nothing too complicated as its my first time working with animation, but if I remain interested hopefully I'll have it in a finished state over the summer (I'm working on it slowly.). Aside from that, I guess I'll keep posting my art here. I hope that with time, some people take the time to look at it and either give me some criticism or praise (to inflate my ego). I don't really know why I posted this here, or who's supposed to read it, but its done now. So if you're on this page, thanks for stopping by, take a look around, and wipe your shoes before stepping on the carpet, I just had it cleaned