Entry #1

New to Newgrounds

2010-04-07 17:03:14 by MPoulter

So I just made an account here, and overall it seems like a good decision. I've gotten some good feedback on my art, and a place to post my art which is nice. Although my work really hasn't been viewed, it looks like someone went around and voted zero on all four of my pieces which is strange. Oh well, I certainly don't take it personally, and if someone feels cool doing it, then more power to them. I've been working every now and then on a flash animation; nothing too complicated as its my first time working with animation, but if I remain interested hopefully I'll have it in a finished state over the summer (I'm working on it slowly.). Aside from that, I guess I'll keep posting my art here. I hope that with time, some people take the time to look at it and either give me some criticism or praise (to inflate my ego). I don't really know why I posted this here, or who's supposed to read it, but its done now. So if you're on this page, thanks for stopping by, take a look around, and wipe your shoes before stepping on the carpet, I just had it cleaned


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